Financial Policy

Only Solutions at Cooper Dental

It’s our job to tell you what treatment is needed, and it’s your job to decide what treatment you want, can afford, and the pace you want to go. After all, we all want the best treatment money can buy, but in many cases treatment can be out of the range of your anticipated budget. We are dedicated to helping our patients with financing. We accept every major credit card, and we believe that offering many different ways to finance helps our patients reach their dental goals.

We have a committed team of individuals dedicated to finding the solutions you need with a payment plan that fits your budget. This is our heart: helping YOU, the consumer, all the way through the process. That’s Cooper Dental Group…Let Our Family Treat Your Family!

Our team is committed to meeting your every need, including:

  1. We offer a 0% interest program – Care Credit, a healthcare line of credit. It is a 6 month 0% interest plan for patients with services over $300. This is a great credit card to have for dental emergencies!
  2. We offer a membership plan for only $189 when paid in full. It includes 2 cleanings, 2 exams, all x-rays, and a 20% discount on all services (i.e. crown without discount – $900; with discount – $720).
  3. We offer in-house financing. Half of the dental services are due at the first appointment and the remainder can be financed for 2 additional months. This method must be secured with a credit card and a written agreement at the first appointment.

CareCredit offers a comprehensive range of plans with low minimum monthly payments that fit comfortably into every budget. Go to to file out an application online or we would be happy to help you here.