Cooper Dental takes pride in offering our patients a wide array of services focused on the health and beauty of your smile. We have a team of highly experienced dental professionals to help keep your mouth healthy and happy through our range of services.

Having a missing tooth or teeth can be embarrassing for anyone. A dental implant can help bring your smile back to its former beauty. Dental implants help thousands of patients a year regain the confidence to eat, talk, and smile with assurance that their teeth look great.

As time passes, our teeth yellow and stain. This is a normal, natural discoloration that takes place as we age. Certain activities like smoking and drinking coffee can discolor teeth at a faster rate. We offer simple teeth whitening services to rejuvenate your smile and minimize stains.

The times are changing and dental technology is getting more and more advanced. Several effective procedures have been developed for repairing and concealing chipped or damaged teeth. These procedures allow you to avoid pulling teeth to make your smile look great. Porcelain veneers are a popular option.

If your wisdom tooth has full grown in like a normal tooth, it can be pulled like any ordinary tooth. If your wisdom tooth is impacted under the gum an incision will be necessary. One of our skilled oral surgeons will take care of this routine procedure.

Around 75% of all Americans suffer from some degree of crooked or misplaced teeth. Orthodontics can help patients improve any not so perfect aspects of their smile.

People often shudder at the very term, “root canal”. It brings up all kinds of negative thoughts. A root canal can actually help alleviate pain caused while allowing you to keep your natural teeth. It is also pretty painless if done by an experienced professional.

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